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The rise of micro-influencers

the rise of micro-influencers

I'm talking about the rise of social media influencers.

Yep, that happy person you enviously follow on Instagram. Living the life, being stalked online by a massive number of followers displayed on the profile as a proud badge.
Guess what? THAT kind of influencer sucks for your business. No better example of Quality before Quantity applies in this case. Generally speaking, of course, influencers with an insane amount of followers have a pretty generic crowd following them. The equivalent of this in real life would be shoving thousands of flyers under random people's doors and hope someone will be interested in what you have to offer.
According to the 2018 OnBrand's report "State of Branding", 79% of marketing decision-makers will invest in influencer marketing this year, with 43% planning to invest more, and 22% venturing into the market for the first time. Meaning, a lot of people do believe in this way of advertising.
The result of influencers becoming the "cooliest" people online resulted in the rise...ok, an avalanche of new people starting to promote themselves. Some of them even doing a better job than us. the rest, well they bought followers and likes. The latest group made me lose my faith in this new questionable profession.
Back to the thing!
Big influencers starting to lose clients, smart clients. Simply because promoting your business to someone not interested is no good. Brands and marketing people started to invest their budget on smaller, more focused, influencer's followings. Of, course, the pricing of these new micro-influencers was more economic due to their lower "popularity". It sure is a good way to invest now because this new generation of online influencers has what you are looking, an interested crowd.

The decision is pretty simple.

Do you want to spend a lot of money and show your products to a crapload of people and hope for the best?
Do you want to lower your budget show it to a specific group that has a common interest in your product, minimizing cost?

My prediction is that this rhythm will change as influencers finally realize what they are doing. More dedicated influencers will charge more because they did their job and already have the people you need.

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