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 March 14, 2019

That time Payless trolled influencers.

Back in the late '18, Payless launched a very unusual ad campaign "The Payless Experiment" or Palessi. The main purpose of the campaign was to change the general idea that Payless sells cheap, unfashionable shoes. Boy, they did make a statement!
"Bruno Palessi", launched a grand opening of his very first store at a very luxurious location, inviting influencers and fashion people to check out their high-end products.

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 March 12, 2019

🎂🎉Internet turns 30 today.

Happy happy birthday, to you!
Back in March 1898, online legend, Tim Berner came up with the idea of what we call now the internet. He was trying to post a picture on facebook but wasn't able to do so because he didn't have a connection to it. That is not true, sorry. He created it because he was frustrated because sharing content between computers was a bit difficult. In order to make this process easier, Tim (that is how we call him) … Leer más

 February 28, 2019

Are you a BOB?

If you are a blogger, then you are aware of the importance of backlinks.  In order to be awesome online, you need RELEVANT external links pointing to your website. Not all links work and, in some cases, having too much of it can backfire on you.
Google's algorithms are constantly changing (for the better) and the online giant has learned that not all links are good. A proper backlink has to be from a trusted website or will count as spam.
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 February 08, 2019

🙃🙂 Pros & Cons: Hosting my own Blog?

I'm not very proud of this one because it beats the purpose of confusing you. This one is pretty much one sided and kind of me trying to convince you to pack your things and move to your own hosting. You do have to pay a monthly fee, but the benefits are worth it. [message]##thumbs-up## Whatever you wantHosting your own content gives you "real" freedom of speech. Put ads anywhere you want and (if rated properly) post whatever you w… Leer más

 February 02, 2019

Google Plus is shutting down

If you happen to be among the 395 million users that had a G+ profile you might have received an unexpected email this morning. Google Plus is shutting down. Titled "Your personal Google+ account is going away on April 2, 2019" this email lets you know how can you save your information from your profile and communities before the online giant shuts down the service for consumers.  The Hill reported that Google Plus is being shut down … Leer más

 January 30, 2019

The rise of micro-influencers

I'm talking about the rise of social media influencers. Yep, that happy person you enviously follow on Instagram. Living the life, being stalked online by a massive number of followers displayed on the profile as a proud badge.
Guess what? THAT kind of influencer sucks for your business. No better example of Quality before Quantity applies in this case. Generally speaking, of course, influencers with an insane amount of followers have a pre… Leer más

 January 25, 2019

A vague guide to become an influencer in 2019

so, you want to become an influencer? Piece of cake.
The idea is pretty much this:

Step one: Turn all of your social profiles to public.Step two: Get famousStep three: Profit! I did warn you on the title, I'm not going to go into detail simply because I'm not an influencer myself, in fact, I'm far from becoming one. The road to achieving online fame is pretty bumpy, crowded, filled with false shortcuts and uphill...all the time 😪
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