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I'm Marcos Kwasniewski, my team and I work on amazing marketing stuff


hi, I'm Marcos

I work on marketing stuff

I have been working on, and researching, marketing for almost 10 years. My job takes time, patience and understanding of your constantly evolving audience, it sounds scary and it is fragile tool, but if done right, it can be a game changer.
With social platforms constantly evolving and new ones coming up almost daily it is hard to choose where to focus, not to brag, but I do. I take care of online presence, in-store imagery and local presence.


This is what we did

some of my past and current works with some people I had the pleasure of working with.


Custom Professional Woodworking and Cabinetry.

Taste of Paradise

From October 9-25, 2015 Key Biscayne restaurants will offer a culinary trip around the world with prix fixe menus.
I worked with the Marketing Commite on this one, this project turned into a yearly event due to its success and great response from the public.


What we do

We have successfully researched, studied and implemented marketing strategies that not only work but have been evolving with the media and constantly perfecting.

Digital Marketing


This is your first online presentation letter, the first impression you make to potential customers online.

Social Media

The fastest way to engage with your customers.

Content Marketing

Professional content custom created for your business.


Sell your products online and expand your audience.


Search Engine Optimization for your websites and online content.

Email Marketing

Send emails directly to your inbound source, promote to your loyal clientelle.


Advanced reports and analytics to help you make the most important desicions.

Traditional Marketing


An oldie, but this one still works.


Build your image and mantain it.


Build awareness and generate leads.


In print and digital, professional custom artwork.

Product/Service Launch

Innovative events and promotions to display your goods or services.

Direct Mail

Promote your business directly into your audience’s home or office area.

Shows & Events

Build your image and mantain it.


What I'm working on right now

and some other stuff


An online portal created by artists for artists, a different approach to design covering art related topics. Different authors from all over the world publish articles of their work, teach and give feedback.


An online magazine that promotes good manners and the idea that kindness is contagious.

You can also see my work in Behance and Dribble


New Business Branding

Madaku works with new businesses and budding startups to create custom online branding campaigns in tune with your goals and tailored to get the best result. This includes a wide range of services, from designing a business website, to maintaining a blog and executing all your social media marketing.

Existing Business Branding

Rebranding a company can be a powerful game-changer. Maybe you’re looking for a way to clarify what your business stands for online, you’ve expanded your product line, you need a reputation reboot, or you’re looking to compete. Whatever the case may be, Madaku works with established companies big and small to create a brand image that’s in line with your company goals.



Behold! A collection of free to use tools just for you (and whoever has this link), specially created to help you online.

Website Analyser

Check on your website's performance, analytics, popularity and get tips on how to optimize it.


Blog & News

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"The question is not, 'Can they reason?' nor, 'Can they talk?' but rather, 'Can they suffer?" — Jeremy Bentham


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