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馃檭馃檪 Pros & Cons: Hosting my own Blog?

I'm not very proud of this one because it beats the purpose of confusing you. This one is pretty much one sided and kind of me trying to convince you to pack your things and move to your own hosting. You do have to pay a monthly fee, but the benefits are worth it.
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    • ##thumbs-up## Whatever you want
      • Hosting your own content gives you "real" freedom of speech. Put ads anywhere you want and (if rated properly) post whatever you wish. 
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      • ##thumbs-down## beware the hackery!
        • Having your very on online place means you have to take the necessary precautions to not get hacked. It happens more than you would like to (nobody likes to, I don't know who came up with that phrase)
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      • ##thumbs-up## SSL, Domain and online goodies
        • Hosting providers offer more than just hosting, most of them will likely include SSL certificates, online tools, and personalized email accounts that make you look super pro. 
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        • ##thumbs-down## Started form the bototm, you are still here.
          • Blogger, Tumblr, Wordpress r whatever platform you were using had their audiences already there on their site, waiting for you to post something. On your website, you are the one that has to get the traffic. 
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        • ##thumbs-up## Plenty of room to play around
          • With your own hosting (and some basic CMS knowledge) you can install and try different blogging platforms, most hosting also offers Wikis, forums and other systems that add extra functionality to your website. Even sell stuff! 
      Ready to move on?
      okay! first thing to do in order to get your own place is the domain name. that "something".com your fans and secret stalkers will type in their browser to access your site. Bluehost lets you check the availability of the names before checking out (makes sense). Their pricing is also among the best online (about 3 dollars and some cents)and their downtime is minimal. Check it out!

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