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Wordpress vs Blogger, give it a rest!

Wordpress vs Blogger

Alright, Wordpress vs Blogger!
so, you decided to start your own blog and become popular and rich.

Well, get off that fluffy unicorn and let me un-sugarcoat this slap you with some truth. Not gonna happen, at least not anytime soon. Having a successful blog takes time, good content and perseverance. 
If you are confident you can pull it off then let me help you out a little bit. Among the very first things that you must do before starting your blog is picking the right platform to start. You can change later on, but it means that you have to export your content and then fix it to make it compatible and it is a tedious process. 
Here are some pointers (in my opinion) that will hopefully help you choose wisely between two of the top choices to start your journey to a life of luxury and peace.

You may find that some information here does not match other people's comparison tables of the Wordpress vs Blogger thing. Please keep in mind that I'm right and they are not.

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    • ##wordpress## Open Source Platform
      • The good thing is that you have a gazillion developers working on this platform together to evolve it and make it better. 

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    • ##blogger## Google goodies integration.
      • Blogger is owned by Google, meaning you can use the very same account you have for Docs, Photos, Gmail, AdWords, and their other services.

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    • ##wordpress## close to a gazillion plugins
      • WordPress uses plugins to add custom functionality to your website. Chances are, you will find a plugin to do whatever you want on your site with this. Manipulate cookies, podcast, even sell stuff! 

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    • ##blogger## Simpler and easy to use.
      • Think of it as writing an email (to the world), instead of sending it, you post it.
Following this amazing and useful list, you can see some wrong statements that you might have read somewhere else on your search to become the successful blogger.

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    • ##flushed## "with Blogger, you depend on Google and you don't own your content"
      • Guess what, unless you literally own a server and have the proper internet access to display its content to the internet, you are always renting space and depend on your hosting provider.
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    • ##flushed## "Both platforms are only good for small sites"
      • Shut up! ok, this might be true for Blogger, but Wordpress is more widely used and big boys (and girls) as the New Yorker use it as their main portal.
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    • ##flushed## "Blogging makes your site more open to hacks"
      • So does selling socks online. Blogger is protected by Google and Wordpress has about 28736598276 security plugins. You can get hacked anytime, anywhere, anyhow, any size..wait, what?

Wordpress vs Blogger is not a thing, you can change anytime you want and both are good for pretty much whatever you want to do online. (unless you want to sell on blogger)

and this is me being social: what platform are you thinking of using?

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