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content: Thank you, next!

Thank you, next
A lot of content, what are you adding to it?

Not too long ago, I re-acquired the healthy habit of reading, thank you. It took me some time to adjust and perseverance but lately I have grown to like it.
Most of the content my brain absorbs comes from the internet. I have subscribed to many sites and surprisingly unsubscribed from many more, but that is for another post. Yes, SPAM

Back to the good stuff. If you are like me, a knowledgeable gentleman surfing the net in order to expand the mind. You are likely going to have a really hard time finding good content at first. Why you may ask? well, here are some numbers I read on a great article on The Atlantic posted back in '16 (I know, old post..get a life) close to 1,500 articles are posted EVERYDAY just on a few main portals online.
Some numbers

Just because people can't just copy/paste these articles on their websites, sometimes they write their own version of it or "tweak" it. That is how you end up reading the re-mixed version or the useful thing.

Where am I going with this? Who knows. But if you are going to be adding to the virtually endless content of the deepness of the internet, make sure it is useful and audiences get something out of it. Otherwise, people will just get used to it and ignore your next publication because it sucks. If you cannot come up with an original topic or your idea was already been explored by someone else, then SHARE the content and give your opinion on it.

Thank you

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