Content Marketing: wtf?

So you see the marketing people coming up with this new terms and you think they are just fancying it up just to charge you more. You might be right, this happens every time you decide to hire another marketing company but us.

It's ok, no hard feelings. Back to the good stuff. Content marketing is not one of those terms. In fact this is the very core of a well executed marketing campaign. The term is pretty much self explained: this is the information you create to make a connection with your client. Everything in marketing revolves around the content, without it your investment won't be nearly as success as if you had your content made by us, or another great marketing company, but ideally us. How you deliver the content created for your business is another story altogether but even though each media channel requires personalization and different approaches, the message should remain the same. ie: Coke and their lyrics on the bottle thing. #shareacoke


There are countless of concepts for content marketing

but the best would be to make the client feel relatable to your product. People go to social media to check up on other people's stuff, true story, they don't really care about your product. Content marketing is the message to familiarize your product with the audience and keep them wanting more. The same thing goes for magazines and printed media.